Owner's Description:
"Easy Head Job" is a Harriette who loves to look and feel sexy by wearing a utility kilt when she's with her Man "Stupid Is As Stupid Does" and in the company of good Hash friends either at her home kennel "Southern Comfort H3" based in Atlanta, as well as, when road whoring to different Hash events across the USA and in Europe.

A KILTED HASH was created when doing haberdashery research and locating a manufacturing vendor who passionately believes in fine craftsmanship and trend-spotting designs. Most importantly, we wanted to make available to the Hash community the opportunity to purchase affordably priced utility kilts with a reasonable turnaround time and delivery.

Wearing a kilt is all about a strong sense of self-confidence. When a Man wears a kilt, he exudes absolute masculinity with his shapely legs and the hint of what's underneath. When a Woman wears a kilt she fully owns her femininity and playfulness. Now, we at A KILTED HASH find that incredibly sexy!We want Hashers to play and work hard, meet different people from all over the world, and continue in the spirit of laughter, camaraderie, shiggy trails and beer all with new and old friends.