The Online Hab Bazaar - Fees

1. There are no fees or surcharges for buyers.

2.  For sellers, The Online Hab Bazaar is only directly supported by a small 2.5% commission fee per transaction. The fee is automatically split from the order by the platform and requires no action on neither your part nor ours. The balance is received instantly to your Paypal or Stripe account so you don't ever have to wait for your payments.

3. We charge no other fees that you might be used to seeing on other sites, like fees just for signing up, fees for listing items, and subscriptions or monthly payments. The site is purely supported by commission per transaction so there are zero commitments.

4. As with any e-commerce platform, payment processors always get their cut.  PayPal and Stripe skim off a percentage that depends on the method of payment used.  Most sellers find a way to incorporate these fees into their base pricing or shipping rates.

5. While not technically fees, just a note that The Online Hab Bazaar does not handle anything with respect to taxes, including income or sales taxes.  We recommend you please research the laws and reporting thresholds of your country, state, etc. to be sure of no surprises.  For example, PayPal will only issue a 1099-K if you both sell over $20,000 and have 200 separate transactions per year.