The Online Hab Bazaar - New Seller's Guide

Thanks for signing up, and welcome to The Online Hab Bazaar! We've put together this guide to help you get started. Please come join us in our Facebook Group "HabWW Bazaar Seller's Forum" for real-time updates, discussions, and support. Please also let us know there if any of this guide needs to be updated as the platform is updated.

Quick Tips

1. Link to Your Store:  Get the link to your "storefront" by browsing to any of your item listings, and then clicking your name next to the "Contact Seller" button. The page that opens will have all your items, and the URL will look something like "". We recommend you check out to not only shorten (and customize) this link, but be able to track exactly how many times it gets clicked. Create unique links for every ad campaign to track your successes and areas for improvement!

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2.  Shipping Options:  Current sellers will mostly recommend that you find a way to incorporate any shipping fees into your pricing, and offer free shipping as a result.  The platform has some limitations and this just makes everything so much easier to handle.  See the end of section 1 for more detailed instructions for making your shipping options.

3.  Fee Schedule:  The Online Hab Bazaar pays for itself through a small percentage commission per sale.  Click here for the current fee schedule.