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Mentioned just twice a couple years back, this company has an extensive collection of hash feet beads for you to make your own hash necklaces.



Per Ve Razzi (Nov 2018):

This is the first place that I found selling hash beads, almost a decade ago. They offer a variety of the disc beads, with hash heet, beer, a running pepper and hare, and bare feet, in 20mm and 14mm sizes. They also offer a wide variety of other designs that may be of interest (male/female symbol, yin/yang, punctuation, horizontal number beads, etc.).  The beads have been excellent quality with only one caveat - on the hash feet, the holes are only 3mm and may not fit paracord with all the internal strands in it. I had mixed luck trying to drill them out.

Betarhos D. (Nov 2015):

I ordered some hash beads for necklace from Beads of Peru and got the wrong order sent to me. Jim at BOP was nice and let me keep the wrong order and sent out my order but the 7mm small feet beads were missing and back ordered. I had been waiting quite awhile and talked to him today. They aren't getting quite the cash flow in and can't make the order they need to get the beads. They have to order 1k and shipping. He did substitute the larger on on feet 11mm beads. I was mad about the beads not coming and having to call, but he was apologetic and offered refund but I took the sub. It's tough having a small business and trying to make it work. So if you all need beads order a lot of the small feet 7mm beads so they can get more in stock!

Tom K. (Oct 2017):

After quite a bit of searching, I finally found the contact for the factory in Peru that makes all the beads we love. This is the place that the site BeadsofPeru and others order from.

Here are prices for blank (without artwork imprinting) disc beads with white glaze:
· 14 / 21 mm – US $0.20, MOQ: 500 pcs.
· 25 mm – US $0.26, MOQ: 1,000 pcs.
· 30 mm – US $0.31, MOQ: 1,000 pcs.

Regarding custom artwork, the cost and MOQ is as followed for one same artwork and same colors:
· 14 mm / 21 mm disc beads – 1 color imprinting – US $0.35 – MOQ: 500 un.
· 14 mm / 21 mm disc beads – 2-3 colors imprinting – US $0.37 – MOQ: 600 un.
· 14 mm / 21 mm disc beads – 4-6 colors imprinting – US $0.40 – MOQ: 1,000 un.

I have gotten pretty good at putting images on blank beads.
(Note: See the FB post for contact info not posted here)

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