Owner's Description:
Hi there, I am President of CIGGSG, a family-owned business, which manufactures awards, glass-works, patches, t-shirts, and almost anything that can be Branded. I love hashing and thought i could help the haberdashery world. My business also has a powder coating station which we make really cool things like custom Tumblers.

Our Tumblers are customized just for you. It's a good thing this guy is engineered to keep your beer ice cold for hours. Whether you are tailgating waiting for trail to start, spending a day at hash pool party, or preparing to put in some long hours at the camp out this weekend, your personalized Tumbler will be the first thing you pack.

Already have the Tumbler you love? Powder coat and/or Permanent marking not only ensures that your buddy doesn't swipe your Tumbler, Put your favorite Patch design, kennel logo, or custom design. Now, the only question is, hot Irish coffee with Kahlua or ice cold beer?

Tumbler customization by CIGGSG, starts at just $10 per cup. Our experienced team will help you convert almost any logo or custom design into a work of art that makes your Tumbler your own. Whether you want to order one cup for yourself, 20 for a Admin party, or 500 for everyone in interamerica hash! Attached are samples of tumblers made for Admin, kennels and fellow hashers. PM me if you're interested.


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