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Hi, I'm Double-Dipped Tip, originally an Agana Guam hasher currently living in Bangkok Thailand. A few friends recently told me that they thought I had a talent for graphic design, so I decided to see what I could turn my designs into. With a lot of effort, I ended up building a few excellent partnerships to turn some really awesome, highly complex designs into very nice patches.

Patches: From your own design or mine, I found how to produce the highest quality, tightly woven patches you'll find... and usually for the same or cheaper price than you're probably paying for normal embroidered patches. Check out the level of detail you can get... and how closely complex image design can convert into a patch in my gallery below! I can also do regular embroidered patches too at an attractive price if the design will work, but I love the level of detail you can only get in the woven patches. I also should have all the customization options that the big guys do, like different threads and patch backings. Just let me know your ideas on what you're thinking, and we'll do our best to make it work. With me, your total price for patches includes graphic design from scratch... and almost always for a better price than with the big companies that require you to have artwork before you order.

Graphic Design Only Option: I can also just do artwork for you, and I'm a Hasher too so I should probably be able to produce something true to your vision. Just send me some info on what you're thinking through the link above, and I'll do my best to work it out!

Unbreakable Pint Glasses: I have access to very affordable "unbreakable pint glasses." Please message me on my Facebook page if you are interested--the links here are N/A to this. Thanks!

Sarongs:  I am now designing and producing high quality sarongs.  Please check out the links for more info.

It's my goal to beat the quality and price of the big faceless online corporations, and I work only with Hashers. See below for pics, and if you're ready to get started you can click the link right on this page! ON ON! -Double Dipped Tip


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