*Note: To get items you already own embroidered, you pretty much have to find a local shop... but if there are locations found either online or a chain with many locations, please share!
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Lids is a store that sells hats in most US shopping malls. They embroider them while you wait. Little known is that you can bring them any item and they will embroider it... you don't have to buy from them, and it doesn't have to be a hat either. It is not the cheapest option but it gets the job done.


Lids Store Locator

Titless (Oct 2015):
I found out by accident that Lids in the mall will embroider anything while you wait, you don't necessarily need to buy a hat from them. This took about 30mins. Not exactly the cheapest but it worked out well. We also had a jacket embroidered that was a good deal for $10. The pricing depends on different locations and number of stitches. YMMV but definitely an option in a pinch.

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