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Titless (Jun 2015):

We ordered 64 ounce stainless steel growlers for the Aloha H3 as a way to stop wasting the last few gallons of beer from the keg at the end of circle. This company was really great to work with, and we took a pretty huge chance by ordering 72 of them... but we did a combination of pre-orders and a lot to have in stock on hand, and they sold for quite a bit more than we ended up getting them for.

The quality was excellent. Both of the growlers themselves and of the printing. I have scrubbed mine with both a magic eraser and barkeepers friend to polish it, and the logo has held right up. They bake them after screen printing them to harden the design. After these, I bought a vacuum insulated growler and this stainless steel one keeps the beer carbonated for much longer due to the pressure cap design, which the vacuum ones do not have.

Pricing quoted... note that shipping was to Hawaii:

24qty x $20.99 = $503.76
Shipping: $153.43
Screen Fee: $40
Total: $697.19

48qty x $19.99 = $959.52
Shipping: $253.76
Screen Fee: $40
Total: $1253.28 

72qty x $17.99 = $1295.28 
Screen Fee: $40 
Shipping: $380.65 
Total:  $1715.93

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