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Starting obviously with kilts, AKH has successfully branched out to the Happi Coat scene (and others as well). In July 2017, AKH announced custom individual Happi Coats... check out what they can do below!



Whitney M. (Dec 2018)

A Kilted Hash Happi story! After tryin to get a hold of one company for two months, AKH came to the rescue! I had these within a month after first contact. Once they were finished, I had them within a week. These things are nice!! Very nice lining, embroidered back pitch, silk screened names, and even had the flask pocket in the inside like me requested. Stitching is nice, and it is very warm! Does run a size smaller than your typical size, but just order one up. This thing is warm, stain resistant, and has some “guts” to it, so it will last quite a while! Great job guys! (Patch looks wrinkly because I had the Happi kind of crumpled in my hash bag after my last hash- y’all know how it is lol)

Daddy's Little Screamer (Sep 2018):

I had the pleasure of working with A Kilted Hash on our kennel’s special happi cloaks! This was a very customized design with custom measurements for each hasher, and Angela was fantastic to work with throughout the entire process. She really went above and beyond to help us meet our needs. 10/10 would recommend!

Blew Hole (March 2017):

A Kilted Hash; they make kilts. Well made kilts. But they also make Happi coats. It took a bit longer than anticipated; we had some design issues, but well worth the wait. Angela was extremely helpful, provided exceptional costumer service and worked with our budget, ideas, and issues. She was flexible and made sure we had a quality product. The Happi coats are well made and I'm sure my kennel will love them. Thanks! On On!!!

Ritchie Bittsay (Jan 2018):
Angela worked with us on our *six month* design process for a happi coat. I’m sure we were complete pains in the ass but throughout the entire time she was always kind and communicative.We originally had an order of 20 coats (@$65 per, shipping included), but after the design was finalized, more people loved the look and wanted in on it.In the end she was able to get us custom printed fabric and, when the women’s coats didn’t fit right, she got new ones shipped out pronto. We really appreciated giving our money to another hasher, and she certainly deserves all the business we can give her!

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