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I have been making high quality Hash name necklaces since 1999, and you can now order them via Facebook!Made to last with hand-painted ceramic letter beads, colorful spacers, and fun Hash beads! Made with waxed leather cord, and slipknots for easy adjustment!

To order, let me know what name you would like, and what color spacers you would like. Choose from red, white, black, light green, dark green, orange, purple, blue, or yellow (as shown). Then, pick your Hash beads! Small feet, small On On foot, Large On On foot, large feet, large Red Dress Hare, or large beer mug! Cost is (US) 75c per bead. Shipping is US$3 for US and Canada, rest of the world will calculated per order.If you have any questions, you can reach me via the "Send Email" button, or hit me up on FB messenger!

Thanks, and On On! KiddieTampa Bay H3


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