Privacy Policy

1. Haberdashers Worldwide does not actively collect user personal information of its users. Any personal information displayed in our content can be removed or changed upon request by emailing

2. If a user browses to a Hasher-Owned Business page that participates in our sales hosting program, his or her name, address, and email address may be collected solely to facilitate the transaction. Haberdashers Worldwide does not aggregate or sell any information collected in this manner.

3. This site uses cookies in lieu of advertising to enable a smooth browsing experience and to enable our affiliate marketing program.

Affiliate Marketing Policy

1. Whenever possible, Haberdashers Worldwide inserts affiliate marketing links onto applicable product review pages.

2. The presence of these links do not influence any recommendations or reviews on the site. There is no "Sponsored Content" on Haberdashers Worldwide.

3. The purpose of our affiliate marketing links is to recoup the costs of:  Web Hosting ($50/yr), creation of the Apple and Android Apps ($200), Annual fees due Apple  ($99/yr), Google's one-time developer fee ($25), and a couple hundred in web and graphic design.  Anything more than recouping these costs will be used towards a promotional activity, such as patches or other giveaway.

4.  If you have any questions, please contact us at