Owner's Description:
Southern Hashpitality is happy to provide hashers all over the world with unique and customized necklaces, bracelets, and keychain/toe tag holders. Choose from a vast selection of paracord and resin/ceramic/glass beaded options. Please inquire for special orders! ON-ON! Drama Queen Bitch

Pricing for hash necklaces:
Option1: 2-Color Paracord with Name Only $17
Option2: 2-Color Paracord with Name plus resin beads and hashy ceramic beads $22
Option3: 2-Color Paracord with Name plus glass/metal beads and hashy charms $27
Option4: Special Order with Name plus speciality beads/charms ($$ please inquire)

Customized Hash Bracelets: 2-Color Paracord with or without whistles and/or hashy ceramic beads $8-12
Customized hash jewelry for On-After and Dress Runs:Necklaces, Bracelets, Beaded Bangles $12-20
Custom Keychains/Toe Tag Holders (paracord and leather options) $8-16

Shipping $4 for first item, +$2 for additional items


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